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Laser Beam
Video written and directed by JM Lapham
Photography by Nathan Driskell and CJ Frazier
Featuring Darrell Vinson and Alvaro Munoz

Directed by Juanma Carrillo
Starring Saida Benzal and Victor De La Fuente
Assistant Camera by Miguel De Cossio
Stylist Sandra De La Fuente
Production Dani Villar
Stills Paul Rodriguez
Written by Junma Carrillo based on a concept by JM Lapham
Produced by Emociones Produce

Helix (Acoustic)
Featuring Chris Barnes (Piano & Vocals)
Shot by Audrey Harrer
Edited by JM Lapham

Produced and edited by Mark Kuykendall

Promo (B)
Produced and edited by JM Lapham
Additional Camerawork by Audrey Harrer

Promo (A)
Produced and edited by JM Lapham